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SOS Children's Villages



Transparent systems of reporting and monitoring the use of funds enable us to ensure that the donated funds are used in the most efficient way.

Key policies and guidelines enable us to use our resources effectively, meet legal requirements and learn from our experience so we can do the most good for children. 


At SOS Children’s Villages, transparency and accountability underline everything we do., and we are dedicated to the responsible use of all resources and means.

  • We value integrity and work in accordance with the law. Our key values – courage, dedication, trust and reliability are the basis of the , which we ask our employees to fully accept and sign. The goal of the code is to maintain and promote the highest standards of ethical and professional behaviour among all associates.
  • We prevent. SOS Children’s Village recognizes the reality of the risk of corruption and continuously works to strengthen its approach to preventing corruption.

Unfortunately, despite the best control system, cases of corruption can be recognized and found in all spheres of life. In order to minimize the risk of corruption, SOS Children’s Villages in BH implements a strict and comprehensive preventive approach.

Our compliance measures include internal frameworks, guides, processes, roles and tools that aim to facilitate employees in their efforts to identify and fight potential corruption.

The Anti-Fraud and Anti-Corruption Guideline provides examples of various forms of corruption, highlights the responsibilities of employees, management and board members, and specifies the steps that must be taken when reporting, investigating and responding to suspicions of corrupt practice. The document Good Management and Accountability Quality Standards, (Standard 2) provides information for a clear positioning of national associations based on three pillars of the fight against corruption: prevention, detection and response.

  • We report, we respond. Associates, management and the supervisory board have an obligation to report suspicions of corrupt practice and are actively encouraged to do so as described in the Code of Conduct. For reporting purposes, we support several channels including anonymous ones.

We are committed to protecting “whistleblowers” who report irregularities in good faith. We also respect the wish for anonymity, so one  can report but not reveal ones identity.

All accusations, regardless of which channel they were received, regardless of the identity of the whistleblower or the nature of the corrupt activity, are treated in a standardized manner, with consistent processes, and with a proper investigation. The information is forwarded to relevant interested parties as well as to the person who reported the case. SOS Children’s Villages in BH always responds to identified corruption, which means that we take reasonable legal and other steps in order to repair the resulting damage, thereby maximizing the positive impact on our programmes.

If you want to report suspected corrupt practice involving SOS Children’s Villages in BH, you can do so through our online channel: [email protected]

If you are an employee of SOS Children’s Villages of Bosnia and Herzegovina, we encourage you to take into account alternative ways of reporting as set out in Internal Situation & Solution Paper.

  • We give a promise. SOS Children’s Villages, as a member of Accountable Now, and as a member of Transparency International’s Austrian Chapter, promises to tirelessly fight against corruption, with the aim of maintaining a culture of integrity and harmony in the entire organisation of SOS Children’s Villages in BH, as well as in the communities we support.