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SOS Children's Villages

Committed giving

Have you seen the stand of SOS Children’s Villages of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the cheerful faces of SOS representatives at varied locations in Sarajevo these days? You can meet them, talk to them, learn more about the work of SOS Children’s Villages of BiH and join the circle of our friends and by becoming Committed giver- donor of a family. 

What does family committed giver imply??

Becoming a Committed giver means that you continuously donate monthly to families living in SOS Children’s Villages in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The simplest way is through the online platform, or by activating a standing order in your bank, through which you pay the amount you decide yourself (10, 15, 25…50 KM) once a month for the benefit of SOS Children’s Villages in BH. Should you decide to end the committed giving , you can do that easily.

The money donated through committed giving is directly earmarked for support of  31 families, and is used exclusively to cover current costs of food, hygiene, school materials, clothes, the costs of children’s extracurricular activities etc, 

How to recognize an SOS representative?

– He/She will always and only be found in the locations that will be published every week on the website and social networks of SOS Children’s Villages of BiH

– He/She has a tablet on which you can enter your data and make a monthly donation via the online form

– He/She has an SOS Children’s Villages of BiH card with personal information

– He/She wears a blue T-shirt with the slogan “Happiness is knowing how to give with your heart”

– He/She has forms for a bank standing order, and informative material about SOS Children’s Villages BiH

Payment of monetary donations can be made exclusively through a bank account or at the organisation's offices.

Meet our SOS representatives

These are the coworkers you will meet at the stands of SOS Children’s Villages

Hedija Ćesko


Kenan Ćorić

Svjetlana Sokolović

Aida Tukar

Sonja Kalajdžić

Emir Adžemović

Edita Bacović-Rašljanin

Samira Bucalo

Amer Mujezinović

Where you can meet SOS representatives this week?

Thank you to our dear partners and friends who gave us space and made it possible for us to meet you and bring you closer to the work of SOS Children’s Villages of BiH 

How to sign up for Committed giving?

Donate via our online platform

Simply fill out the online form and choose the amount you want to donate monthly as well as the date of each subsequent payment.

If for some reason you want to end the committed giving, it is enough to send us an email. ([email protected])

With the assistance of SOS representatives

Fill out the online form on the spot with the assistance an SOS representative

If you have personal account in Raiffeisen bank, the SOS representative can fill out the standing order form for you and with your signed power of attorney, take it to the bank to facilitate the entire process of activating the standing order.

In accordance with the Law on Personal Data Protection, SOS Children’s Villages BiH undertakes to use the collected personal data exclusively in accordance with the authorization given, and for the purpose of monitoring payments and maintaining contact with donor. Personal data will not be used for any other purposes. These data are available only to authorised staff of SOS Children’s Villages and of the bank where donor opens a standing order it will never be made available to third parties (except in case of legal obligation, when they are requested by relevant authorities through legal procedures).

SOS Children’s Villages in BH does not assume responsibility on any basis, if the user himself discloses his data to third parties, or makes this data available to them in another way. 

Opening a standing order

It will be enough for donor to send us first and last name and phone number to the e-mail [email protected] so we remain in contact. Donor can independently open a standing order at bank where donor has opened account.

Recipient: SOS Children’s Village of BiH

Purpose of payment: Committed giving of families

Amount: KM 10, 15, 25…50

SOS bank account number: 3387307756252209 

Need additional information about the Family Committed giving?

Give us a call on 033 465 053 or 066 910 676 or send an email to [email protected], and we will be happy to answer all your questions.

Thank you for everything you do for SOS Children’s Villages and for your contribution to enabling family-based environment for children and youth in care!

Sign up:  +387 66 910 676

[email protected]

After singing up for Committed giving, you will receive a welcome letter, and during the year we will send you newsletters from  families so  you can witness  progress 

Individuals and companies. Whether you opt for Committed giving as an  individual or as a company, your contribution is of great value. Sign up for Committed giving today!

By simply singing up via online form or opening a standing order in the bank, in your bank or via internet/mobile banking

Transfer account number with Raiffeisen Bank:
* reference number is mandatory: 502021000-030000626-9

Transfer account number Unicredit bank:

Donor can decide the amount of the monthly donation  (KM 10, 15, 25…. 50).

Committed giving depends on donor’s decision, ability and willingness and relies solely on donor’s kind heart. Please note that no legal or other obligations preventing you from ending your committed giving for any reason.

Donation payment options:
Standing order
Online payment
Payment from abroad

Thank you dear partners