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Child protection

Child safeguarding – everyone’s responsibility

As an organisation working with children without parental care or who are at risk of losing it, we witness cases of  abuse and neglect.

SOS Children’s Villages do not tolerate any form of child abuse, exploitation, neglect or violation of the child’s privacy and rights. We are dedicated to creating and maintaining a caring and safe environment for every child involved in any of our programmes.

The key documents that guide us in our work are: UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and Guidelines for alternative care for children.

Our document CHILD PROTECTION POLICY focuses on four key areas: awareness, prevention, reporting and response. We place special emphasis on awareness and prevention in order to protect children and improve the quality of care. We take every case of reporting the suspicion related to the safety of children seriously and address them without delay. This means that:

  • We build the capacities of employees, children, young people and families to empower them to recognize abuse – and to prevent it
  • We teach about using tools, such as self-discipline
  • We are working to eliminate established harmful practices
  • Every report of suspicion or concern about the violation of children’s safety is analyzed in detail, and specific steps are taken based on the assessment.