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Donations from companies and institutions

Corporate partnerships

For a reliable partnership

New generations are increasingly aware of the importance of socially responsible business. Millennials and Generation X feel a strong sense of community, both locally and globally, wanting to make the world a better place for all of us. To that extent, companies that are not responsible towards their employees, the environment and the community in which they operate will simply not be their choice, but not only that, before making a purchase decision they will try to find out who has truly strategically integrated social responsibility into all business processes.

For three decades, SOS Children’s Villages in BiH has been a reliable and valuable partner that understands the importance of high results and reliable management of funds, as well as the impact that our work has on the community, children, youth and families we care for. Together with our partners, we want to influence the UN “Sustainable Development Goals”. We build partnerships with companies that share our values and are dedicated to creating transformational changes for the most vulnerable groups in society – children and youth without parental care and families at risk of child separation. We have the opportunity to create partnerships with companies that have a direct impact on the lives of those who are in need.

Our work, both programmatically and financially, is monitored by regular internal and external assessments by the most eminent evaluators. Through the principles of Result Based Management, we are focused on achieving measurable goals. Based on the methodology developed by the Boston Consulting Group, SOS Children’s Villages in Bosnia and Herzegovina conducted the Social Impact Assessment, which showed that for each Euro invested, 5 Euros are returned to the community (SROI – Benefit cost ratio 5:1).

We work every day for those who are the most vulnerable and in the greatest need, so to enable them a happy childhood, to be protected, healthy and educated. We wish to ensure them with opportunities so they could reach their full potential. You can help us through different models of cooperation: from strategic program funding to the transfer of expertise with the aim of improving processes that serve the well-being of children, youth and families in need.

Our fundraising team is happy to help you create solutions that are most suitable for your company. For all inquiries, contact us: [email protected] and [email protected] 

You can donate online or through a donor transfer account at Raiffeisen Bank:

1610000000000011, with the mandatory entry of reference number 502021000-030000626-9

How you can help

Friends club

Companies that recognise that investing in children during their growing years is important for society and its future, regularly donate a certain amount on a monthly basis in accordance with their possibilities.

As friends of SOS families, you donate a monthly donation amount that you determine yourself in accordance with your possibilities and wishes. Your donations cover the various living expenses of 29 SOS families. For example, the monthly cost of food for one child is 210 KM, while the annual cost of school supplies for one child is 360 KM, and hygiene products 288 KM.

Together we can create a stronger society by supporting the most vulnerable – children without parental care. 

Kompanije kumovi

Kumovi su posvećeni donatori koji u skladu sa mogućnostima svakog mjeseca uplaćuju određeni fiksni iznos za koji su se sami opredijelili, ovisno o želji i mogućnostima. Kompanije Kumovi razumiju da je svakog dana potrebno osigurati adekvatnu i kvalitetnu brigu, te nam na taj način olakšavaju planiranje za život. Također, znaju da je za svako dijete neophodno osigurati jednak standard i prilike.

Kumovi mogu biti individualci ili kompanije ili se pak mogu udružiti u Kumstvu.

Cause Related Marketing (CRM) activities

For this type of cooperation, SOS Children’s Villages of Bosnia and Herzegovina, on the basis of a signed contract, for a pre-agreed period, cede to the company the right to use the SOS logo and partner message. The companies give up part of the income for one or more products from the same group, and after the campaign is over, the calculation is made and the donation is paid to SOS Children’s Villages of BiH.

For CRM activities, communication with the customer is extremely clear and unambiguous. For example “By purchasing XX products, you support SOS Children’s Villages of BiH” or “XX company supports SOS Children’s Villages of BiH”.

Communication refers to the value of the product and can be expressed as a percentage (e.g. “10% of the value of the product is donated…”) or a predefined amount (e.g. KM 3 of the value of the product is donated…”). 


You can help SOS Children’s Villages BiH by establishing communication with your clients or employees.

How do we most often realise co-branding campaigns?

We send the letter with the payment slip together with your bill/invoice, or allow us to post a flyer with the payment slip at the counter. Another possible option is to deliver our letters to your employees. The wider the network of potential donors, the greater the opportunities to secure the necessary funds for childcare.

Donations in goods and services

Through various programme activities, we take care of 1000 children every day. Therefore, our needs are truly great, and you can help us donating goods and services.

Food, milk and milk products, hygiene products, diapers, clothes, shoes, school supplies, vitamins, medical aids, glasses… are always welcome. In addition, SOS families also need household appliances, computers, furniture, painting services, construction works on houses, seeds and fuel.

In fact, everything you can imagine that you and your family need, will equally benefit the families who are in the care of or have the support of SOS Children’s Villages of BiH.

Preparation for the labour market

We empower young people and prepare them for an independent life even when they formally come of age. With your involvement, you can prepare young people for the labour market so that they have better chances of employment and prospects for a better future.

– By organising workshops for young people or providing additional education through courses
– By providing opportunities for practical training or internships
– Recruiting young people for part-time jobs
– Scholarships and employment of young people

Podrška kroz ključne poslovne aktivnosti i kompetencije

Iznimno cijenimo partnerstva sa kompanijama koje su spremne svoje znanje i ekspertizu staviti u funkciju naših korisnika i uposlenika.  

Greeting cards


You also support our work by buying New Year’s cards, which are results of art activities of children. Every year we select few lovely drawings suitable for New Year’s holidays, but also neutral ones that can be used throughout the year for different occasions 


You can contact us directly or through the contact form:

Una Mesić
Senior Corporate Fundraiser
+387 66 910 678
[email protected] 

Amer Džano
Corporate Fundraiser
+387 62 925 994
[email protected] 

Our dedicated partners