Care quality

Family-based care

SOS Children’s Villages in BH provide family-like care for children without parental care. Children together grow up in an alternative family with SOS parents, brothers and sisters. Family bonds are developed in a natural way, which means that girls and boys of different ages live together as brothers and sisters. Biological brothers and sisters always grow up in the same family.

SOS parents

The SOS parent resides with children, providing them emotional security, and the opportunity to develop new and lasting relationships within the family. An SOS parent is professionally trained to take care of children, and at the same time together with other employees strives to meet all children’s developmental needs together. Raising a child as your own in a family house is rewarding, necessary and sometimes demanding part of life in SOS Children’s Village. This is why SOS parents are the fundamental and most important link in our care of children. Being an SOS parent is a creative, fulfilling, independent and responsible job.