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Trenutno nema otvorenih pozicija.

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The employees of SOS Children’s Villages in BH actively contribute to the development of our Organisation with their creative ideas, revealing a new perspective on things. We truly believe that our different opinions encourage progress and strengthen community – the one in which we achieve our common goals with our different ideas and creative freedom.

Knowledge is the key to success – and through our work we always try to provide quality education and training to the children and young people in our care so as to become successful people in the future and contribute to society. We are guided by the same principles guide in our relationship with our employees. Each employee has the opportunity to improve their knowledge and skills based on their preferences and position. Our long-term employees are the driving force of internal training. Although we are mostly focused on internal education capacity, we also support employees to gain knowledge through external courses and schools.

When the goal is to provide children with a safe and carefree childhood, then it stops being only a job, it becomes a life’s calling. In SOS Children’s Villages in BH, we value commitment and loyalty and we always find ways to mark important anniversaries.

Our employees work together in a spirit of understanding and trust, teamwork is encouraged as a generator of new ideas and plans to improve the lives of the children, youth and families we support.

We value potential, effort and results, so our employees have an opportunity  for advancement within the Organisation. 

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